YourBestCoin (YBC) is a decentralised social experiment that supports children charities. The project is entirely community based.

Our goal is to convert this token from a meme token to a real, useful token with various use cases and to be part used specially for children's charities and help children in need around the Globe

Your Best Coin is completely owned and run by its lively and fun community. Many Tokens Claim to be decentralised and ran by its community , but a true community ran cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency where its holders decide on the future of the currency,  Your Best Coin (YBC) is the only Meme Token which will have a true voting system in place for its holders, Holders can decide on the future of the Token, or things like burning tokens, future projects and more which makes the token entirely ran and developed by its community.

Your Best Coin smart contract has been audited professionally and

its LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens have been locked in Pancakeswap, which means zero risk to our users and community.











liquidity Locked to PancakeSwap

To be decided by Holders

Together We can make a Difference