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Your Best Coin

Purr!!! Paper

(AKA White Paper v1)



Launched in June 2021 Your Best Coin ($YBC) is the fastest growing cryptocurrency.


$YBC is fully decentralized and the project is entirely community based which means that Your Best Coin is completely owned and run by its lively and fun community.


Decentralization and Community Involvement:

The question of decentralization and community involvement is always a hot topic in the crypto world as there are many cryptocurrency projects that claim decentralization and community involvement but in actual fact many of those projects are completely run by individuals or organisations whom created the project, so community interaction with the project and decision making is minimized to the most basic level of involvement.

Your Best Coin Project is created with knowledge and a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Being a part of the $YBC EcoSystem development helped us to further realize and gain an understanding that if everyone is moving forward together then success will take care of itself, the word together means everything in this project, even the EcoSystem of this project is designed in such a way that everything works together and has to work together like the pieces of a puzzle.

One of the most important feature in this project that will be implemented by the $YBC developers will be our solution to Community involvement in the project, $YBC will have an advanced smart voting system so holders can have a say and be involved directly in the project. The voting system (or token) will act like governance token so holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself.




We believe in good tokenomics and by making an ECOsystem which involves more than one token/coin which completely work and rely on each other we believe that a system can be created where every part of the system have a role to play and provides the other, and any part of the system that can provide can also takes from the other Parts of the system, in other words everything is shared in the YBC system and an action in one part of the system can affect the ECOsystem as a whole, Burning options in the system , Minting and  the timing of when everything will be implemented will remain unrevealed at the moment for the benefits of our community and the project. 

For now we have Implemented a manual burn strategy for the $YBC EcoSystem tokens, as automatic burns will not be beneficial for the project in the long run, a continuous burn on any one protocol can be good at the early stages of the project, but having automatic burns on a large scale means that burns can not be controlled in any way. 


For Token burning we have many solutions which will be implemented based on the decisions of the token holders, the community and the team. 

For example: burn addresses can also become holders thus each transaction helps to deflate the supply, and other solutions and strategies that we have in line which we think should remain unrevealed and stay a secrete at this time for the benefits of our community and the project. 




($YBC) a Binance Smart Chain token:

Total Supply 

1 Quadrillion

500 Trillion sent to PancakeSwap for liquidity
500 Trillion to be decided on by holders and the community.


AKIKO ( Yet to be available)

RFI- Static Rewards For Holders

$AKIKO is a rewarding token with a lower total supply. 5% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all $Akiko holders ,the more $Akiko used, traded and transactions executed the higher the rewards.


The third coin (This is an important part of the $YBC EcoSystem and an important piece of the puzzle which yet to be announced



Our vision and Goal for the future:

Our goal is to be the best and become the world’s top leading cryptocurrency ECOsystem, we are determined to convert the $YBC Ecosystem from where it started as a meme token to a real, useful token with various use cases around the world.

We have only revealed very simple plans/steps and strategies for the project as some of the strategies remain unrevealed and a secret until its implemented, the market is very competitive, and keeping important project plans that makes us unique is the best way to keep our $YBC community at the top of the Cryptocurrency market.



We believe that we rise by lifting others and charity work is our main priority, Your best Coin project will be involved in many charities and provide help to many different communities.

Children are the world’s most valuable resources and our best hope for the future. Your Best Coin System as a whole will be part used specially for children's charities and to help children in need around the Globe.


Thank You



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